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Newport in Wales is a city and primary area in Wales in the UK. Newport is situated in the banks of the river Usk which is located approximately between Cardiff and Bristol. Basically Newport deserves the intellectual capital and the largest urban area in the historic county of Monmouthshire it is governed by the unitary Newport city council. The population of Newport is approximately 1, 30,000-1, 40,100 drawing out the third-largest city in Wales. The Newport name extracts from the fact that previously the ‘old port’ Caerleon was on the river Usk and serving to the ships the port solution. During the times the ships became bigger and so old port could not navigate them longer therefore the need of new port led to the construction of ‘New Port’. Therefore the port or dock was built near where the riverfront arts centre now stands.

Newport’s association with significance can be drawn from the fact that 15th century ship named locally as the Newport ship has been recovered from the bank Usk. The city is now famous for Riverfront arts centre. The city is home to the world class Celtic manor resort that is world’s leading five star conference resort. The resort is home to annual European tour golf tournament.

Newport and Cardiff are the famous cities in Wales provide excellent service to the guests who visit Newport. The fleets of vehicles are at client’s disposition all-time. List of cities in Wales are Newport, Cardiff and Swansea.

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