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Cities in Ukraine

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Ukraine is a beautiful country is which is high on history, traditions, natural beauty and architecture. There are a number of travel destinations in Ukraine that are worth paying a visit. Every city in Ukraine has something distinct and uniquely lovely about it. Some of the major cities in Ukraine are as follows:

  • Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and one of the most prevalent cities in Europe.
  • Busk is a small town that has the merit of being the first town in the region to be granted the Magdeburg Rights in 1411.
  • Odessa prides itself on being the 5th largest city in Ukraine and also a famous tourist destination.
  • Rovno, also known as Rivne, is the capital of the Rovno Region.
  • Yalta is located on a shallow bay on the spot of an ancient Greek colony.
  • Kherson is situated on the Dnieper River and is an important industrial hub of Ukraine.
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