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UAE country has become a cosmopolitan country with people from various part of the world making their home her. So is the tourists from across the world has resulted in developing a food culture which is both sophisticated and innovative. One will find all types of UAE food ranging from classic European to Pacific Rim.

Visitors will love the food of UAE and can relish at Mexican, Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, Persian, Italian and French cuisines, and more, in some of the finest restaurants in the Middle East. The country has fine fast food restaurants to international fast-food chains, serving the standard fare of hamburgers, chips, pizzas etc. One can easily find all the leading fast food restaurants and outlets in the larger cities.

To get the real taste of UAE food, there are more places to eat than one can accomplish in one visit. The range and styles are diverse for the food of UAE offering everything from local cuisine to the highest quality French produce.

Well famous international theme restaurants such as TGI Friday's, Planet Hollywood, Fashion Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe and Henry J Bean's are all well represented in the Emirates. And to get the real taste of the local UAE food, one can try small ethnic cafes and corner stalls which are everywhere. Fresh fish from the Arabian Gulf is always good and a popular one. One should try lobster, crab, shrimp, or grouper, tuna, kingfish, and red snapper, grilled, stuffed, or fried with spices. UAE food is generally good and the standard of service is high.

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