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Jumeirah Beach

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Jumeirah Beach is the one of the most fantastic and prestigious areas of Dubai. Jumeirah Beach hotels offer an oasis of tranquility, luxury and modern facilities. Jumeirah beach is the home of the world's only seven star hotel, the Burj Al Arab; shaped like a yacht's sail and built out into the ocean, it's interior is gilded with gold and the downstairs restaurant looks out literally -into- the ocean. Next door, the Jumeirah Beach hotel is also shaped like the crest of a wave, giving this corner of Jumeirah a very glamorous feel.

Jumeirah mosque, one of many fine mosques that can be found in the city, is also one of the largest and most beautiful. It is the most visited and photographed sight in Dubai, being one of the finest examples of modern Islamic architecture. Jumeirah mosque is especially spectacular at night.

Jumeirah is the location of a massive water park - the Wild Wadi - where tourists and locals alike come to cool off from the soaring summer heat.

Dubai International Airport serves the resort; which lies a few miles south of Dubai City proper. Most hotels provide a free shuttle bus service to and from the city from Jumeirah, and there is an excellent local transport service.

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