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Basel Switzerland is located in north-west of Switzerland and is the third most populous city in the country. It is a major industrial that has many chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Though not very popular, Basel city is a peaceful tourist destination. It's quieter than Zürich and  less international than Geneva. Basel has more than two dozen museums. The city borders Germany and France.

There are a number of hotels in Basel, which offer comfortable accommodation to its guests. Hotels in Basel are neat and well equipped with all the modern facilities. Travelers to Basel, Switzerland can book a hotel room in Basel hotels on cheap and discount rates.

Tourist attractions in Basel

  • Spalentor—Magnificent City Gate
    When the city was expanded in the 19th century many of its walls and entrances were broken. However, the most beautiful of them, the Spalentor, remained. The Spalentor was erected in the 14th century and it still possesses a very impressive oak portcullis. Just inside lies a copy of the city's customs decree of 1795, a great piece of history. The gate is adorned with beautiful glass tiles and humorous 15th century figures.
  • Martinskirche—The Church with Bells galore
    The Martinskirche is hidden away in the maze of streets that compose the Old Town. Even residents of the area around are confused when you ask for directions to the church. Different parts of the Martinskirche date from different periods. Only the chancel and the bottom of the tower survived the 1356 earthquake. In the following decades the church was rebuilt. In 1928 paintings from 1370 were uncovered. The church, with its three naves is famous for its acoustics, and is often used for concerts. The bells of the Martinskirche ring the Autumn Fair in and out every year.  
  • Antoniuskirche— Concrete church
    The Catholic Antoniuskirche is one of the earliest examples of a church made of concrete. Built in 1925-1927, this church was designed by Karl Moser with his passion for novelty, which he displayed well into his 70's. The church is obviously influenced by industrial buildings. The bright interior can be compared with an aircraft hangar. Most of the building is at the same height as those surrounding it, only the 70 meters tall north tower provides a view.
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