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Sweden is a popular destination where many people come for sightseeing and tourist attractions or for the vibrant nightlife. But there is much more than that and the events in Sweden is also a big draw for the tourists. All the year round the visitor’s can expect current events in Sweden taking place, right from the concerts of famous artists in Globen and other venues. For this year (2007) some famous names are expected like Bob Dylan, Lionel Richie, Liza Minelli, Roger Waters, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, among the many others. There are numerous things to do in Sweden, that there’s no day without events in Sweden. One cannot just get bored with concerts, exhibitions, performances all over.

Some of the current events in Sweden are listed here:

  • Cod Festival (19 January - 21 January 2007)
    This festival is held in the Helsingborg city and its the place if one enjoys fishing. The Cod Festival is the world's largest deep sea fishing event, which is open to beginners and avid sport fisherman, with the prize money going to the heaviest cod. One will find experienced skippers in command to take one out to one some of the best fishing waters in Europe.
  • Kiruna Snow Festival (23 January - 28 January 2007): It’s an unusual festival held in Kiruna town and mainly revolves around the International Snow Sculpting Championships in which artist sculpt remarkable creations out of huge blocks of compacted snow and ice. It’s a great outdoor party accompanied with live music and dancing, dog sledding, and reindeer races, which are just a few events to name.
  • Jokkmokk Sami Winter Fair (30 January - 5 February 2007): It’s a celebration of history and culture of the Sami people, which is taking place now for hundreds of years. One gets to experience plenty at this fair.
  • Uddeholm Swedish Rally (8 February - 11 February 2007): Held at Uddeholm, is Sweden's biggest motoring event. Drivers and co-drivers take on 340 kilometers of competitive distance in 20 special stages and at the end they will cover a total of 1730 kilometers. During these few days, the area becomes one huge festival.
  • Gothenburg Horse Show (22 February - 25 February 2007): It has been voted by the international riders as the best indoor horse event. It’s a annual horse show which has been going for 30 years now. Visitors to the shoe watch participants competing in show jumping and dressage events, as well as four-in-hand driving.
  • BUFF – the International Children and Young People's Film Festival (13 March - 17 March 2007): It is held in Malmo city, where the screenings of films takes place. Because of this festival right from children, young adults and even adults, get to view the films, otherwise which would have never been viewed. To encourage the spirits of the children, seminars and discussions for teachers, filmmakers, and cultural workers are held.
  • Stockholm Marathon( 9 June 2007): It takes place in Stockholm, when the 17,000 runners gather from 58 different countries to run through scenic Stockholm 42.2 kilometers, to cross the finish line first. A joyful atmosphere is created for the runners, with the use of traditional parts of this race such as, the Marathon Expo, the Pasta Party, and the Marathon Café.
  • Karlshamn Baltic Festival (18 July - 21 July 2007: It is held in Karlshamn, which is a pleasant and relaxed seaside town. During the festival the city lets loose and welcomes everyone to enjoy this festival. It is one of the largest free festivals in Sweden. There is a great variety of music, lots of food, and the colorful carnival procession.
  • Rattviksdansen Folklore Festival (23 July - 28 July 2007): This festival is the oldest and largest international folklore festival in Sweden, with a program of around 50 different events from dance and folk music to dance theater performances. Visitor’s can enjoy the beautiful surroundings all while learning the whole idea of folklore.
  • Malmö Festival (17 August - 24 August 2007): This festival reflects the cultural diversity of Malmo, and moreover has something for all ages and tastes. With over 900 hours of free entertainment citywide, it’s no surprise that this festival receives around 1.5 million visitors.
  • Umeå International Jazz Festival (October 2007): It’s a jazz festival, with the sweet sound of jazz filling the streets and clubs. With one of the best jazz clubs in Scandinavia, one can expect to hear impressive jazz music in all forms. But it doesn't stop in the clubs; the streets will be filled with food, drinking, and much more jazz!
  • Christmas at Liseberg Amusement Park (November – December 2007): In the Gothenburg city, with the rides shutting down for the winter, the amusement park becomes alive with the theme of Christmas. Over four million lights decorate the park and dozens of market stalls offer food and crafts. Carolers and bands fill the air with festive sounds.
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