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Cities in Spain


Spain is one of Europe’s largest countries. It is one of the most diverse and visually stunning nations of Europe. Old mixes with new in Spain cities such as Toledo, Barcelona, Salamanca and the capital, Madrid, as celebrated museums, galleries and Baroque churches rub shoulders with blaring bars and thumping discos. Visiting Spain is not only about sun, great cuisine, and a warm welcome, but also for its rich monumental heritage and dazzling natural environment hidden in various cities in Spain.

Spain is a fascinating country to know about and a perfect destination for hangout and vacation. The region is known for its flamenco music and dance, bull-fights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, and cities in Spain are a perfect place to enjoy all this and much more. The Spain cities are beautiful, offering really old monuments as well as futuristic architecture. Spain cities, towns and villages are all fascinating. The major cities of Spain include great historical cities like Toledo or Granada to the bustle of modern Barcelona, or the white villages of Andalusia, or the black towns of the unknown Alcarria. Spain has been one of the cultural centers of Europe and cities in Spain are the living example for thousands of years.

Cities in Spain
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