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South Korea attractions will provide an insight into numerous aspects of the rich heritage and legacy that the country is proud to have and showcase to the world. Most of the tourist attractions in South Korea can be embarked upon from the capital Seoul. South Korea tourist attractions in Seoul comprise chiefly of royal residences, several of which are UNESCO-listed. Be assured, your Korea travel is bound to expose you to beautiful sights and picturesque gardens.

The Changdokkung Palace

The Changdokkung Palace:
There are the picturesque Secret Gardens to see around the palace and nearby one will also get to view the fabulous Chongmyo Shrine which is set in wooded grounds. In the shrine one will find that it contains the ancestral tablets of the kings of the Joseon Dynasty. On the first Sunday of May, a colorful Confucian ceremony is held here.


The Museum of Modern Arts

The Museum of Modern Arts:
The museum is located within the grounds of Toksukung Palace which is a former royal villa where you will find that it provides an interesting contrast to the surrounding skyscrapers.


Kyongbokkung Palace

Kyongbokkung Palace:
It is considered to be the most impressive of the palaces and dates back to 1394. Here one will find housed the excellent National Folk Museum and temporary displays of treasures from the incredible collection of the National Museum of Korea.


The Great South Gate (Namdaemun)

The Great South Gate (Namdaemun):
This was the main gate in the city’s 15th century defenses and represents the symbol of Seoul.


Pagoda Park (Tapkol Park)

Pagoda Park (Tapkol Park):
This place is considered ideal to spend some quiet time watching people and is also famous as the place which commemorates the 1919 Korean Declaration of Independence.


Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower:
One can ascend this beautiful tower which sits atop landscaped Namsan Mountain in the heart of the city.


Attractions in Seoul

Attractions in Seoul:
Tourists can entertain themselves in many ways in the capital city as it is a great place to view some of the finest vibrant performing arts. For unique souvenir hunting one can visit the traditional shopping area of Insadong. Here one can take a close look and pick up items such as antiques to calligraphy brushes. For bargain hunters one will be able to enjoy the buys in the city’s East Gate (Dongdaemun) Market. For night birds Itaewon district is the place. Here tourists can also pick up stuff which is fashion famous. Lotte World is another place one can visit where a massive entertainment complex featuring a major theme park to luxury hotels can be used for entertainment.



this is known as Korea’s ‘museum without walls’. This area can be considered to be a depository area of ancient Korean history and Buddhist culture. It has also been designated by UNESCO as an important historical site on the world history map.

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