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Kyongju Korea is a very old historical city. A tour Kyongju reveals that the region was a very flourishing one among the Three Kingdoms of the Korean peninsula and even today enjoys the distinction of being the center point of Korean political and cultural life. The Kyongju Korea map is scattered with historic ruins. On your tour Kyongju don’t miss out on the opportunity to see two of the best historical sites, the Golgul Temple and Bulguk Temple, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can also undertake a tour of the National Museum in Kyongju Korea where you can see the findings of archaeological excavations which have survived centuries of invasions on display.

Exploring Kyongju Korea is not only convenient as many sites are within easy walking distance from each other but also a great experience. The most well known historical monuments of the country can be found on the Kyongju Korea map. The people of this city have proudly upheld their cultural heritage by preserving the historic remains. To see all the charming facets of this beautifully rich city, process your room reservations through so that you have a comfortable stay conducive to your tour Kyongju.

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