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Masan South Korea is situated on the Masan Bay about 35 km west of Busan. The popularity of this city stems from the fact that Masan Korea is home to the highest peak called “Muhaksan”. The meaning of Masan in local language is ‘Horse Mountain’. The Shin Masan is a popular and famous tourist spot and the area is characterized by many bars, restaurants and similar entertainment venues. One popular part of the area is Shin-po Dong where the only professional women's baseball team plays.

The city’s landmark Nak-Dong River flows through the heart of Masan city making the city more beautiful. Tourists visiting the city would find easy accessibility by bus and train. There are many festivals celebrated throughout the year in Masan Korea which includes a theatre festival, art festival, and a photography festival. To view all these attractions and take delight in the festivals you can book your hotel rooms in advance through has an easy reservation system which can process your request for bookings without much hassle and ensure a comfortable stay for you and your family in some of the best hotels to be found in Masan South Korea.

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