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Chorwon Korea consists mainly of lowland, and the northeast has more plain area than the southwest. The industry is quite developed here especially fishery, fruit, and livestock. On the Chorwon Korea map one will find the country is connected by roads. Chorwon Korea map is in the center of the Korean Peninsula facing the high Kwangjoo Mountain. Chorwon Korea enjoyed an important place because of its location in the center of the Korean Peninsula as traveling to any place in Korea from Seoul to Wonsan and Kumgang Mountain areas was easy. However, with the partition of the peninsula, the things have changed a bit.

There are quite a few tourist places that tourists can visit to experience the beauty of the mountainous region that Chorwon city Korea is. One is the Iron Triangle which showcases the connection between Chorwon and Kimhwa. To understand about Nirvana, make sure you visit the Topiansa Buddhism Temple where you will find an exquisitely made91cm high Iron Image of Buddha. To view all these and more log on to This guarantees immediate reservations in some lovely hotels in Chorwon city Korea.   

Iron Triangle

It showcases the connection between Cheorwon and Kimhwa with the fixed region of Pyungkang. Whereas the Kangwon sate was the fiercest battle field during the Korean War.

Topiansa Buddhism Temple

It’s a place of Nirvana during the 48th year of King Kyeongmun (865) of the Shinla Dynasty, a great Buddhist priest named Dosun had made a 91cm high Iron Image of Buddha.


It’s the best sightseeing area in Chorwon Korea, which has been as a national tourism area from 1977.


It’s a 40 meters high rocky cliff on the top of Bukgae Mountain which was the place Si-Seop KIM and the eight righteous men.

Sundam Valley

The Sundam Valley has been famous as the most beautiful valley amongst Hantan River’s streams, which is 5km away to northwest side of the Cheorwon County Office

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