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Nepal Food

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The food in Nepal is famous for its diversity. The Nepalese food is easy to cook, good to eat, tempting with high nutrition level. Though it is a basic food, but sill it does not lack in flavor with extensive use of spices and agents such as pepper, coriander, cumin, garlic, ginger, mustard oil, cilantro, chilies, and ghee. Some of the common dishes included in the food of Nepal are

Main Meal- in majority of areas of Nepal, Dal Bhat (pulses and rice) is the main staple food and is eaten twice a day.

Snacks- snacks such as roti (Flat bread), milked tea, chura (beaten rice) and curried vegetables are eaten between two meals.

Some proper dishes included in Nepalese Cuisine

Vegetable Pulao (fried Nepali Rice) - it is the popular ways of serving rice in the parties and main events of Nepal household. In it, cumin and turmeric are added to give it a flavor. Many tourists prefer eating it with curd and Manchurian.

Alu Tama- it means ‘Potato Bamboo Shoots’. It is a unique curry dish included in Nepal cuisine. Its uniqueness is in the use of bamboo shoots and curry spices in curry, unlike any other Indian or south Asian curry or East Asian cuisines.

Chatamari- regarded as Newari pizza, Chatamari is flat bread made form rice flour with or without toppings. It is considered as a healthy substitute to pizza

Gun rook –Dheedo- it is a sugar free Nepal food made up of maize, wheat and dried green vegetables. It is quite popular among foreign tourists as it is provides the satisfactory taste to taste buds.

Masu- it is a spiced or curried meat with gravy. It is served with rice and considered a main course dish, which is very popular in Nepal.

Egg Noodles (Vegetable Thukpa) - it is one of the main seasonal dishes of Nepal. It is a part of celebration and tradition for the Nepalese.

Apart from it, there are many drinks included in Nepalese cuisines. Tongba, a homemade wine, Rakshi, millet based distilled alcoholic drink etc are some of it.

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