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Transportation in Maldives includes traveling around via boats, sea planes and yachts. The boasts and yachts are generally arranged by resorts you are staying in. Air taxis and boats do not to run at night. Therefore if you reach at the airport after dark and have a long way to go, you may have stay the night in Male or at the airport hotel in Hulhule. Or else you can opt for hotel and resort transfers, which might be expensive, can be opted as an alternative of spending the night at Male. These private transfers could approximately cost between 500-800 USD.

If you are traveling independently to inhabited islands other than Male you are required to have an Inter Atoll Travel Permit from the Ministry of Atolls and acquiring the same requires a duplicate copy of passport and an invitation from a resident of the Maldives island you wish to visit. Authorized permits are not required for the organized island-hopping tours prearranged by resorts and liveaboards.

Traveling via plane Every other destination in Maldives takes nothing more than 45 minutes by plane from Male International Airport. There are two chief plane operators in Maldives namely, Maldivian Air Taxi, and Trans Maldivian Airways. The services are good and carry about 10 passengers in one go.

Traveling via boat The widely used taxi boats generally take tourists to and fro the islands located in the North and South Male atolls. These boasts as mentioned earlier are arranged by the resorts.

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