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Maldives Attractions

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Maldives is a conglomeration of 1,190 coral islands located in Indian Ocean. A globally renowned holiday destination, Maldives attracts millions of tourist and visitors throughout the year. There is plethora of tourist attraction in Maldives that range from historic sites to sea shores.

Some of the main attractions in Maldives have been mentioned below for your convenience. These include:

Hukuru Miskiiy -Old Friday Mosque
Built in the year 1656, Hukuru Miskiiy is the oldest mosque in Maldives. The mosque was constructed on the foundations of an old temple. The highlight of this mosque is its walls that have been carved with Arabic script. The interior is simply awe inspiring and is well-known for its excellent lacquer work and intricate woodcarvings.

National Museum
A very museum, in national Museum Maldives you can check out the many exhibits that were once possessed by the sultans. Artilleries displayed in the museum include bonthi sticks, which were earlier used in martial arts. In particular attention-grabbing exhibits are the pre-Islamic stone carvings gathered by Thor Heyerdahl and others from all over the country.

Fish Head
Known as Mushimasmingali Thila in native language, this is one of the world's most famed dive sites. One of the best natural attractions in Maldives, the waters of fish head is home to several fishes like fusiliers, Napoleons, barracuda and the grey reef sharks.

Wreck of the Maldive Victory
An excellent dive site, the Wreck of Maldive Victory is a popular tourist attraction. In the year 1981 a cargo ship hit a reef and sank in the sea, it is the wrecks of this ship that makes an exceptional base for exploring underwater.

Banana Reef
A beautiful marine region, here you will find varied landscapes ranging from caves to cliffs. Revel in the exciting water sports of Banana Reef.

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