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A travel to Kuantan malaysia welcomes tourists to a region of unspoilt nature and complete relaxation. Though being the state capital of Pahang, which is the largest state in Malaysia, Kuntan retains its natural resources. Kuantan is the sixth largest city of Malaysia with a population of around 350000 people. Kuantan the capital of the Pahang region is spread over an area of 2000 km² and enjoys the position of being an important commercial center of the entire east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. The city has been existent since the 1850s, which is 277 kilometers east of the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Today the city produces products like palm oil, rubber, cocoa, and petrochemicals. Even the heavy industry and the manufacture of machinery have become important to city’s economy.

Travel to Kuantan malaysia, visitors will find long beautiful beaches and huge tropical rain forests and it serves as an ideal gateway to Malaysia’s eastern coast. Moreover the city houses the pale green and blue colours of the regal State Mosque, which is an impressive building and visitor’s find it worth viewing. Then there’s the residence of the Royal Family, the Hindu temples and the Kuantan Clock Tower all worth a visit. A walk down the streets, visitors can taste the keropok which is a a kind of fish cracker or even watch the local delicacies being prepared. In Kuntan, Beserah is one of the local fishing villages that also has an excellent beach. A travel to Kuantan Malaysia is an easy place to travel by foot and with the friendly people it’s a very nice place for a vacation.

For a memorable experience Kuantan travel guide would be the best guide. Kuantan is a beautiful place to relax and appreciate the friendly local people. Kuantan travel guide would be of all assistance regarding the travel information. The city makes a lovely sight with graceful and colorfully painted fishing boats sailing through the warm coastal waters. The villagers here still produce traditional crafts and practice the Malay martial art of silat. To travel to Kuantan Malaysia is to experience a different face of Malaysia. Tradition has always been the highlight of the city, which is not just respected but even practiced as part of an ancient way of life. The lively local bazaar offers visitors with a range of Kuantan's famed silk weaving and batik cloth.

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