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Located 50km north of Kuantan Cherating Malaysia serves as a perfect gateway from the busy city life for the tourists and locals alike. Moreover it’s the hidden secret on the east coast in Southeast Asia. The city is beautiful, which has wide gentle sloping sandy beaches, which are lined with casuarinas trees, extending as far as one can see. The city captivates its visitors with its fabulous dazzling seas, pristine beaches and cool breezes all make it a popular place among the tourists. The Cherating beach is now an important place for many hotels catering for all budgets.

Though Cherating Malaysia was made popular by the backpackers but today it is popular with visitors who are looking having a pleasant time at the beach, sea and sun. Numerous handicraft shops and many cultural establishments have come up which looks after the shopping needs of the visitor’s. For an experience of its kind making one’s own batiks and batik painting is fun. Pandanus handicrafts are popular souvenirs from Cherating. The village maidens lightly weave the "pandanus" leaves into mats, hats, bags and other inexpensive lightweight souvenirs. The cultural shows include wayang kulit (shadow play) and silat (the Malay art of self-defence).

The beaches of Cherating Malaysia offer regions which has one of the world’s most important sea turtle sanctuaries. Additionally there is much more which brings visitors to Cherating and it’s the atmosphere which makes the place full of charm. Tourists can even go for other beach vacation activities such as the Jet skis which are readily available. One can swim, sunbathe, and wind surf or get that perfect tan. For adventure enthusiasts there’s a river cruise which offers with opportunities to see some of the surrounding jungle’s wild life or go on hiking trails.

To begin with Cherating City Guide is your guide during your visit to the city. It helps you with the information on the wide range of accommodations available in Cherating with Club Med being one of them but is an upscale offering. But for the visitors on a low budget there are ample of less plush accommodations available on the beach along with many hostels and backpackers, along with straw huts on the beach. Cherating City Guide would be of all time assistance for your needs.

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