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Lithuania’s historical events attract multitudes from across the world, which really thrills people to a great extent. The most significant cultural Lithuania event is the National Song Festival, held every five years. Over lacks of people join in with the singing of several hundred choirs from the Baltic region. Midsummer celebrations are also celebrated in these latitudes: the night of 23 June, considered to have magical powers, is the climax of events. The Baltika folk festival is also one of the prominent Lithuania events rotates among the Baltic capitals. Other popular cultural events include horse races on Lake Sartai in Dusetos, near Utena, on the first Saturday of February; St Casimir Day, Lithuania's patron saint's day, on 4 March; April's International Jazz Festival, which attracts top musicians from all over the world to Kaunas;and the Life Theatre Festival, a week-long theatre festival that features avant-garde productions in Vilnius in May. Also in Vilnius is a week-long Summer Music Festival of street theatre,dancing, masked parades and craft fairs in the Old Town in July; and Vilnius CityDays, three days of musical and cultural events in theatres, concert halls and on the streets in mid-September. Velines (All Souls' Day) commemorates the dead with visits to cemeteries on 2 November.

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