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Latvia Food


Latvia food or cuisine consists basically farmhouse-style food. The food in Latvia is similar to the surrounding countries, like Poland, Russia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Latvia food has been heavily influenced by German, Swedish, and Russian cuisine. Thus a lot of influences are visible in food in Latvia. Latvia food uses common ingredients in its recipes which are found locally - such as potatoes, wheat, barley, cabbage, onions, eggs, and pork. Latvia food is generally quite fatty, and with few spices. A typical example would be boiled black peas with pieces of bacon.

Food in Latvia mainly consists of chicken & pork fillets battered in egg and deep fried then served with traditional dark rye bread and lots and lots of salads and fresh vegetables. Most of the salads are like a basic potato salad made with various chopped meats and vegetables. Most of the salads use a cream based dressing rather than a mayonnaise base. Popular food in Latvia includes dishes such as cabbage soup, small fish with onions, potato salad, smoked or salted eel. Latvia food has main courses of meat or fish. Desserts in latvia food generally feature forest berries.

Latvia food has Hors d’oeuvres which are the best part of the meal. Food in Latvia has local specialties which include kotletes (meat patties), skabu kapostu zupa (cabbage soup), Alexander Torte (raspberry- or cranberry-filled pastry strips), smoked fish (including salmon or trout), sweetbread soup with dried fruit, piragi (pastry filled with bacon and onions) and sorrel soup with boiled pork, onions, potatoes and barley. food in Latvia has a large selection of excellent dairy products on offer, such as skabs krejums (sour cream). A traditional Latvian cheese is Jānis' cheese which is traditionally served during the celebration of Jāņi. Pickled mushrooms are also a Latvian specialty
Latvia food has popular drinks like beer, vodka, and balzam. Two of the most popular traditional Latvian drinks today are rūgušpiens (curdled milk with no other additives) and kefīrs (cultured milk). Food in latvia has other popular traditional drinks include kvass (a non-alcoholic drink made from yeast), fresh or fermented birch juice and beer. Beer is a traditional Latvian beverage - it is impossible to imagine ancient or contemporary Latvian celebrations without it. Riga’s Black Balsam is a thick, black alcoholic liquid which has been produced since 1700. It is drunk either with coffee or mixed with vodka. Kvass is a refreshing summer drink whereas sparkling wine is also very popular.

There are a number of Latvia restaurants, where the restaurants serve traditional and international cuisine. Riga, is a cosmopolitan city of Latvia, and it offers a variety of good Latvia restaurants serving international, French, Italian vegetarian and other cuisines. Many of the Riga luxury hotels have their own good Latvia restaurants offering good value for tourists in Riga. Most Latvia restaurant accepts major international credit cards.

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