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Cities In Jordan

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Jordan is a kingdom layered in antiquity, from the work of Nabataean stonemasons to characters such as Moses and Lawrence of Arabia; from ancient Jordan cities and Biblical sites to desert castles, crusaders forts and Byzantine mosaics. It is the complete blend of ancient culture and modern infrastructure, art scenes and thriving business. The contradictions between old and the new are astonishing. The cities of Jordan are well known for their rich culture and heritage.

Petra, one of the Jordan cities, is counted as the wonders of the world. It has a staggering landscape of monuments, palaces, theaters and arched gateways. There are many places of interest for tourist in this region of Jordan. Similarly, Amman, the capital of Jordan, has also become the major touristsí attraction in the country as most of the foreign tourists to Jordan passes through it. Apart from Petra and Amman, the list of cities in Jordan is mentioned below:-

Jordan Cities
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