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Japan History

Ancient Japan history dates back to 300 B.C. indicating that the early Japanese were hunters, gatherers and fishers. They subsequently introduced rice agriculture wherein a social hierarchy developed. It was around 300 A.D. to 538 A.D. that the history of Japan witnessed unification. Around 538/552 Japan history saw the introduction of Buddhism. In 710 Japans history takes a concrete shape with Nara becoming the first permanent capital. 1192 sees the introduction of the Zen sect in the history of Japan. Japan historical events see a number of battles and wars waged thereafter before ultimately seeing the complete isolation of Japan from the rest of the world for the first time in 1639.

The history on Japan has always been about fights and bloodshed and it took a turn for the worse in the Second World War. Japan Hiroshima history saw one of its most disastrous days on the 6th of August, 1945. It was on this day that history saw one of its blackest days when the city became the target of the first atomic bomb used against civil population. Three days later the United States dropped another atomic bomb. This time it was over the city of Nagasaki. According to estimated figures around one fourth of a million people were killed in the two attacks. Ever since history in Tokyo Japan has been witness to meetings engaged to ban nuclear weapons and their testing worldwide.

The history of Japan ninjas is not very clear but it is said to date back around the 6th century. Ninja is well-known as people in black costumes who have extraordinary skills and abilities like a blend of martial art and magic. The history of Tokyo Japan is for the modern world to see and admire. It has been an embodiment of peace and transformed itself into a tourists delight with a vibrant nightlife to match the international sight seeing destinations.

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