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On a tour to Yokohama Japan you can spend some relaxing time in the city’s trendy bay area. A view of Yokohama nightlife and generally the city, the bay and Mt Fuji in the day as well is so stunning from “The Yokohama Royal Park Nikko Hotel” that the hotel authorities have installed portholes in the bathrooms. Most Yokohama hotels provide such pleasant services that tourists feel they have reached an oasis of calm and just love the inviting and spacious rooms. You will be amazed by the “Landmark Tower”. The tower is connected to the Landmark Plaza, a bustling mall of 190 restaurants and shops connected to the Dock Yard Garden.

To get an absolute stunning glimpse of the Yokohama nightlife, one can go for a stroll along the promenade to Rinko Park which is an exhilarating romantic experience. From here one can get enjoy stunning vista views over the bay and the O-oka River. There is a roller coaster nearby in case you are interested in a stomach churning spin. Walk into the small Yokohama Cosmos World to enjoy some attractions. For all these attractions and many more to be enjoyed in Yokohama Japan book a room in one of the Yokohama hotels through to ensure a blend of modern hospitality and exquisite services.

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