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Japan Cities

Japan is an island country stretching over 2,000 kilometers from north to south with beautiful coastlines, varied scenery, soaring mountains, which are often volcanic and twisted valleys that inviting visitors into the mysterious world of nature. Japan cities which are in the Northern region fall under the sub arctic climatic zone, while the Southern region falls in the subtropical zone. The greater part of the cities in Japan landmass is made up of mountains, which together with the adjoining highlands, form beautiful landscapes. The total population of Japan’s largest 100 Japan cities amounts to 57.1 million or 45 per cent of all Japanese. Of the main cities in Japan, Tokyo, has more than eight million inhabitants, and is the largest of the cities in Japan. The total inhabitants in the Japanese capital is greater then the combined population of the next three largest main cities in Japan Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya. Yokohama, which is located south of Tokyo, is Japan’s second largest city of Japan cities. This city inhabits 3.2 million which is the country’s largest port and a manufacturing and ship building centre. Japan cities third-largest city, Osaka, is the country’s third most important seaport and home to many leading Japanese manufacturers. While the Kyoto city, known worldwide as the city where the Kyoto treaty on the environment was signed, was the Japanese capital for more than 1,000 years until the government was moved to Tokyo in 1868. However, Kyoto city is still Japan’s religious centre.

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