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Rimini Italy is a city of art which is located on the Adriatic Sea on the coast between the rivers Marecchia and Ausa. There are some good accommodations available for the tourists in the famous seaside resort. Hotel Rimini provides some excellent amenities on the number one beach resort of the Adriatic Sea. On your stay in Hotel Rimini Milano you will be able to enjoy some or rather lots of sandy beaches, nightlife and restaurants especially on the stretch from the Po Delta to Cattolica.

Rimini Italy dates back to the first century before Christ and has an important monument in the form of the Arch of Augustus for a visit by the tourists. Tourists to the historic center can experience the fun and sights associated with the Palazzo della Podestà and the Palazzo Arengo, the Fish Market and the Fontana della Pigna.

City Attractions
Rimini Italy is also home to many other wonderful sights such as the Castel Sismondo, the Roman Bridge of Tiberius, the Tempos Malatestiano, and the Museo Civico housing works. From your stay in Hotel Rimini Milano you can make some great daytrips. It is driving distance to Florence, Bologna, Venice and Ravenna. You will find public transport easy and coming in handy on your stay in the city.

Rimini is famous for its budding clubbing scene as well as notable in disco music history. Visitors to this town will like traditional and genuine cuisine especially the home-made pastas which utilize fresh ingredients. Here you also get to taste some fossa cheese which has an intense and somewhat tangy flavor that makes it excellent grated over pasta.

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