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Yamuna Nagar

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Yamunanagar, a city in the Indian state of Haryana, was previously said to Jagadhri. It has a unique blend of old city feature like relaxed people loving small talk and eating good food and modern amenities such as ATMs, health care, shopping malls, education etc… it is a small developing town of Haryana. Its northern edge is a sub-mountainous region, covering forest cover and lots of streams. It is the area where Yamuna River flows out of the hill and into the plains.

Travel Yamunanagar as there are many places around it to visit. To its north, is Himachal Pradesh, to its west is Ambala district and to its south is Karnal. Before independence, it was called as ‘Abdullahpur’, a small village, which later developed into a new town providing residence to many refugees from Punjab in Pakistan. It is considered a good place for agriculture because of plenty of water and good fertile soil. It is one of the major sources of income for farmers of the region. There are many places of interest in Yamunanagar. Hatnikund, Dadupur, Tajewala headworks, Buria, Bilaspur etc… and the list continues.

There is wide network of Yamunanagar hotels ranging from star luxury hotels to cheap budget hotels that offer comfortable accommodation to its visitors. Enjoy your trip to this part of Haryana with your stay in Yamunanagar hotels.

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