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Thanjavur, an eleventh largest city in Tamil Nadu, has a rich historical heritage and is a prism of ancient as well as the modern south Indian civilization. The city was under the stronghold of Cholas but it had also been the capital of Cholas, Marathas and Mutharayas, at the time when they were in their power. Since then, it has been one of the chief cultural, political and religious centres of South India.

Thanjavur India is famous for the Brihadishwara Temple built by Rajaraja Chola. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Apart from it, there are many historic buildings such as Vijaynagara fort, Manora fort and Sarawati Mahal Library. It is one of the chief political, religious and literary centers of Southern India. Temples and palaces are chief attractions of the place that represent lifestyle in the past and have become the icons fo the present day identity of the city. It has been a birth place to classical musicians, Tanjore School of painting, and Bharatnatyam dancers.

Thanjavur is popularly known as the ‘granary of Tamil Nadu’ and the cultural capital of the region. It has a rich architectural legacy from their times evident in the number of temples and structures that are a living testimony to the splendor and skills of those times. Plates with silver and brass inlaid and instruments like mridangam, veena and tambura, silk carpets, bell metal products, paddy models, garland etc… are some of the main items to shop from the markets of Thanjavur.

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