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Samode is situated in in the royal Indian state of Rajasthan around 42 kms from Jaipur, the capital city. Located on way to Shekhawati, this small village is famous for its haveli and fort. Samode is connected to Jaipur through a good network of roads. The famous Samode Palace belongs to the Rawals of Samode, who do not belong to a royal family but are affluent noblemen. This family was bestowed the title of "Maha Rawal" by the royal family as a reward for their loyalty and courage. The Samode Palace is about four hundred years old and has gone through a lot of restoration work.

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Samode Tourist Attractions
Samode Palace

While you are at your tour of Samode, you can visit the Samode Palace , which has now been turned into a heritage hotel. On the first floor of the palace is Sultan Mahal, which is a magnificent hall, with a beautiful marble pillared verandah. The room is decorated with blue tile work and the walls are decorated with patterns painted with vegetable dyes. The room is furnished with intricately carved silver furniture, which was imported from Nepal.

Samode Bagh

Walled garden in a sprawling 10 acres was an oasis set among the dry rugged expanses of an ochre desert. Today it rediscovers some of its lost splendor of a garden paradise. Shrubs of Lemon, Orange, Hibiscus, Pomegranate, Jasmine Lantana and a beautiful array of flowering & shad trees have been meticulously planted, Surviving the years, a majestic central pavilion containing a "bath" stands silently surrounded by "baradaris' or small open pavilions, sparkling fountains & Mughal water channels.

Samode Village

During the day, a camel ride through the Samode village and the surrounding countryside is a good idea. Riding this gentle animal with its rocking gait is the best way to relax on a sunny morning.

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