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Along the National Highway No.22, as one cross the state border of Haryana into Himachal, there comes the town of Parwanoo. A couple of decades ago, this was a sleepy little village but today, it is a pulsating industrial town.Fruit based products, plastics, motar parts and watch components roll out of Parwanoo's factories. For a tourist, Parwanoo is a convenient base station to see and visit a number of nearby areas.

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Parwanoo Tourist Attractions

With a circumference of roughly 2.5-kms, this is the largest lake in Himachal. Fed by underground springs, it is shaped like the profile of a reclining woman and is regarded to be the embodiment of the Goddess Renuka.


Located just 28 kms from Parwanoo , this small town is surrounded by pine trees and also has an old church.


Located 16 kms from Parwanoo, s till a cantonment, it has also got the remains of a Gurkha Fort.


Located just 10 kms from Parwanoo, Pinjore is an excellent base to visit the famed Mughal style gardens.

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