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Mamallapuram, 60 Kms., South of Chennai, nestling on the shore of the Bay of Bengal , was a port of the Pallavas. The Pallavas have created many marvellous monuments with Sculpture Panels, Caves Monolithic Rathas and Temples . It is among the most outstanding examples of Dravidian art and architecture and the jewel in the crown of the Pallava contribution to Tamil Nadu. Mamallapuram's wonders in rock leave visitors enthralled, conveying as they do, an impression of beauty, harmony, gentle wit and humor.

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Mamallapuram Tourist Attractions

There are nine rock cut cave temples. The Mahishasuramardhini cave, contrasting the goddess fighting a demon on one side, and Lord Vishnu's cosmic sleep on the other, is a particularly remarkable one.

Krishna Mandapam

This cave has a big bas relief, notable for its realistic representation. The panel relates one of the stories of Lord Krishna. The World's largest bas relief measuring 27m X 9m is the pride of Mamallapuram. This huge whale back shaped rock contains figures of gods, demigods, men, beasts, birds and infact, representatives of the entire creation.

Five Rathas

These rock-cut temples are rated as excellent example of Pallava art. Shaped in different styles, the five structures are named after the Pandava brothers of Mahabharatha and Draupadi. These are monolithic temples, each created in a different style, they are also known as the Pancha Pandava Rathas, and the fort of the rathas are supposed to have been scooped out of a single rock formation .

The Shore Temple

This is one of the oldest temples in South India . It belongs to the 8th Century AD and is a good example of the first phase of structural temples constructed in Dravidian style. The monuments are flood lit at night and so it is possible to enjoy their beauty after sunset.

Sthalasayana Perumal Temple

Immediately to the north of the bigger hill is the Perumal Sthalasayana temple where worship continues to this day.  There was a temple here from pre Pallava times. But the present temple is a result of many enlargements made by Vijayanagar rulers.

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