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Guwahati, the capital city of the northeastern state of Assam , was formerly known as Pragjyotishpur. Its etymological root is derived from two Assamese words, "Guwa," meaning areca nut and "Haat," meaning market. Couched between the picturesque hills of the eastern flanks of the Himalayan mountain range, Guwahati houses the political capital of the state, Dispur. Guwahati has several places of historical interest. Perhaps the biggest attraction is the Kamakhya Temple atop Nilachal hill, where the Goddess Kamakhya is worshipped and which commands a majestic view of the city and the river.

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Guwahati Tourist Attractions
Navagraha Temple

The temple of Navagrahas is situated in the south-eastern part of the Gauhati town on the crest' of a hill known as Citracala. It has long been known as the centre of astrology and astronomy. The nine planets are represented by nine linga inside the main temple. It contains nine phallic emblems of Siva covered with cloths of different colors sacred to the nine planetary gods.

Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya temple, situated on the Nilachal Hill, is 8 km west of the city. It is the best temple in Guwahati. It is the center for Shakti worship and Tantric Hinduism. The temple was rebuilt in 1665, after being destroyed by Muslim invaders. Daily goat sacrifices are still part of the worship here.

Majuli Island

Largest river island of the world is the Majuli Island . It is the center of Vaishnava culture. There are 22 satras, which are regarded as the main centers for Assamese art, dance, drama etc. At the Majuli satras, Lord Vishnu is worshipped through dance and drama. There are plenty of migratory birds of great varieties.

Manas Tiger Reserve

Manas Tiger Reserve is the only tiger reserve in Assam . It is situated on the bank of river Manas with the background of the Sub-Himalayan hills. The sanctury is not only famous for the tigers but it is also important for it's rarest species like hispid hares, pigmy hog, and the golden langur, other wildlives are elephant, buffalo, swamp deer, hornbill, hog deer, etc.

Kaziranga National Park

Lying along the mighty Brahmaputra River , the Kaziranga National Park covers an area of about 430 sq. km. Its swamps and grasslands with tall thickets of elephant grass and patches of evergreen forest, support the largest number of rhino in the subcontinent. It was an alarming depletion in their numbers, due to hunting and poaching that led to the conservation of this area in 1926.

Vashistha Ashram

There is the Vashistha Ashram, an interesting old shrine, with plenty of verdure and three beautiful streams, Lalita, Kanta and Sandhya. It is at a distance of 12 km from the railway station and is said to have been the abode of sage Vashistha. Several other temples like the Ugratara temple, famous for its golden idol and buffalo sacrifices, are also strewn across the city.

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