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Dooars, the flood plains and the foothills of the eastern Himalayas, was divided by the Sankosh River into the eastern and western Duars. There are eighteen gateways through which the Bhutanese people can communicate with the people living in the plains. It has remarkable natural beauty in addition to innumerable hill streams, low lying hills, and wildlife rich tropical forests. It is famous for its rich biodiversity and forests. The most notable of which are Gorumara National Park, Buxa tiger reserve and Jaldapara wild life sanctuary.

Dooars tourism, tea and timber constitute the economy of the region. Thousands of people in this area are involved in tea industry and estate. Timber industry flourishes both legally and illegally along with other industries. The area houses many national parks and sanctuaries which attract lot of tourism from all over the world. These sanctuaries abound in a fascinating diversity of flora and fauna. The vast texture of massive trees sheltering varieties of orchids and resounded with echo of birds and wild animals make it a veritable paradise for nature lovers and eco tourism.

Map of Dooars indicate the various places of scenic beauty, places of attraction, hotels tea gardens, hills, mountains, rivers and others main area for the ease of travelers. a visit to the greenery of the Dooars and resting a few days and nights in the midst of rivers, wildlife and forests will definitely install new life and inspiration in a tourist for ever.

Dooars Tourist Attractions
Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Dooars is full of wildlife with the lush greenery, huge tall trees and grass providing perfect cover. The Dooars Valley is especially noted for the wildlife sanctuaries at Jaldapara, Buxa Tiger Project, Gorumara and Chapramari.

Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park are habitats of the rare one-horned rhinoceros, the mighty bison, leopard, spotted deer, sambar, hog deer, reptiles, huge wild tuskers, wild boars and the rarest variety of animals and birds including plenty of peacocks.

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