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Dharwad, the city in the Indian state of Karnataka is also known as Dharwar. Being situated on the edge of Western Ghats, it is called a hilly town. Dharwar is famous for its lakes, warm summers, equable climate, mild winters and a rainy season. It is quiet, pleasant and fast growing city in the northern part of Karnataka. It is known for its educational institution. It houses Karnataka University, Karnataka College, and many other engineering colleges. Dharwad has grown beyond its border, with industries in both northern and southern parts. It will soon become a beehive of commercial activity.

Dharwad Karnataka is perhaps known for its pedhas, a sweet made out of milk. It is purchased almost by every visitor. Mishra’s line bazaar and Babu Singh’s Thakur pedhas are among the most well known. Jaloda rotti is typical dish made of jowar flour. Prepared in two forms, soft and crisp, is usually eaten with spicy brinjal, beans, chutney powder and curd. The place is also famous for cultivating various food products with growth of various types of cereals and other agricultural products.

Dharwad, one of the major cities in the Bangalore- Mumbai railway line and on Pune- Bangalore highway, has many places to tourists’ interest. The famous Amriteshwara temple, ruined Banasamkari Temple and seven mosques in addition to many other temples are some of them that throw light on ancient buildings and their architecture. Dharwad hotels have also made a good provision of accommodation for their tourists.

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