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Devprayag is one of the towns in Indian state of Uttrakhand. It is a point where the Bhagirathi River and the Alaknanda River join to form the River Ganges. It is one of the sacred confluences and an important place of pilgrimage for Hindus. Situated on the Rishikesh – Badrinath road, it is a place of powerful natural forces as well as spiritual forces. It is an invocation to the gods who have generously endowed this spot with tremendous natural beauty. It is said that Lord Rama and his father Dashratha did penance here.

A seat of ‘pandas’ of Badrinath dham, Devprayg, India stands at an altitude of 2265 ft. on the slope of a hill. It is believed that the town is named after Deosharma- a sage, who led a life of penance and succeeded in having a glimpse of God. Religious ablution takes place at two basins excavated in the rock at the junction of the holy streams. One on the Bhagirathi known as the Brahm Kund and the other on the Alaknanda called the Vasisht Kund. It is regarded as most complete showcase of legends, heritage and traditions.

There are many temples in Devprayag that are famous for architectural beauty and sacred features. Raghunathji Temple, Chandrabadani temple, Dashrathshila temple etc… forms a part of long list that have attracted myriad of tourists to this place. Devprayag hotels have been established to provide comfortable accommodation to its tourists and pilgrims. The city of Devprayag is well connected with others by proper network of roadways, railways and airways.

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