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Churu, a desert city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is a place of historic importance. It is said to be named after its founder. Situated in the middle of the shifting golden sand dunes, it opens the gate to the great desert of Thar. The famous wealthy merchants of the town, having business connections all over India, added to its splendor by building beautiful majestic havelis, made of lime and brick and decorated them. The architectural work in these building, brighter and colorful paintings, and extensive mirror work was outstanding.

Travel Churu through the meandering streets, lined on either side by the large havelis that gives the enchantment of its past glory and treasure to the visitors. There are beautiful temples, water tanks, forts, and wells, which are decorated with multicolored wall paintings in various subjects. These beautifully engraved paintings not only add to the town’s beauty but also tell about the tales of the famous merchants.

Churu has many famous attractions like Ratangarh fort, Salasar Balaji and surana Haveli. In addition to it, there are many excursion spots such as Sardar Shahar, Tal Chhapar and Dudhwa Khara and many local; regional shops with number of local shops selling regional handicrafts, fabrics and furniture. In proximity to these attractions, there are Churu hotels India that provide accommodation to tourists and complete their trip without any hassle. Thus, Churu has every thing to entertain its visitors.

Churu Tourist Attractions
Surajmal Banthia Haveli

It was built in the 1920. It is best known for its infamous picture of Christ with a cigar, on the external north wall, rather incongruously juxtaposed beside a British lady.

Surana Double Haveli

This five storey edifice with its hundreds of window achieves something of a Georgian effect. The Haveli is beyond an archway at the end of a narrow laneway.

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