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Chidambaram, municipality and tehsil headquarters in Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is 11 km from the coast. Due to establishment of Akasha Lingam of Shiva, Chidambaram is considered one of the major pilgrimage sites. It is a small town occupying an area of around 5 sq km. Chidambaram literally means the sky permeated by an atmosphere of intelligence and wisdom. It was once a forest of mangrove species and a small shrine was on the bank of the tank, which was worshipped by saints. It was believed that their penance attained fruitation with the revelation of Shiva’s cosmic dance, which was converted into a dance hall and covered with gold plates.

Chidambaram India is famous for some of it prime attractions such as Nataraj temple. It is of great religious as well as historic and cultural significance. The dance of Lord Shiva is said to symbolize the five divine acts of creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment and bestowment. The temple is a specimen of the assimilation of several architectural styles. The architectural beauty is depicted in numerous of its parts such as Chitsabha, golden hall, Nritta sabha, the Deva sabha, etc… apart from it, there are many other places to visit and see. It includes a long list of temples, water spots, hills and excursion spots that it ahs been made a tourists destination.

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