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Bundi came under the rule of the Chauhans in the 12th century. The descendents of the Chauhans set up their capital at Bundi and ruled from here. Bundi was the capital of a major princely state during the rule of the Rajput. Bundi, a small rustic town, is known for its palaces, baolis (step wells) and water tanks.

Bundi Tourist Attractions
Taragarh Fort

Perched on a thickly wooded hill is a marvelous white fort with a huge reservoir which once supplied water to the palace. Built in 1354 AD the fort is one of the most impressive forts of Rajasthan.

The Palace

The palace is reached from the north - western end of the bazaar, through a huge wooden gateway and up a steep cobbled ramp. Only one part of the outer perimeter of the palace, known as the Chittra Shala, is officially open to public. It is a fascinating pavilion and has a gallery of miniature murals that embellish the palace.

Sukh Mahal

A magnificent summer palace on the Sukh Sagar Lake amid the lush surroundings of a beautiful garden. An underground tunnel is believed to run from the Sukh Mahal to the old palace. Sukh Mahala on the edge of Jait Sagar is a charming pavilion where Rudiyard Kipling once stayed. It is now an irrigation Rest House.

Nawal Sagar

Visible from the fort is the square artificial lake of Nawal Sagar,broken up by islets. A temple dedicated to Varuna, the Aryan god of water,stands half submerged in the centre of the lake. The reflection of the entire city and its palaces can be seen in the lake - making it a unique attraction of Bundi.

Raniji ki Baori

It is 46 meters deep stepped dwell with some superb carvings on its pillars and a high arched gate built in 1699 A.D. by Rani Nathavatji. This well is one of the largest of its kind.

Phool Sagar Palace

To the west of Bundi is a modern palace known as the Phool Sagar Palace. There is a charming artificial tank in the gardens that is a good place for bird watching, especially from November to February.

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