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Iceland Travel Guide

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Planning a vacation. How about Iceland? And what better way then We will sure make your vacation a dream come true. Right from online reservation for hotels, to detailed information about Iceland, iceland travel guide is there. The travel guide for iceland will act as a tour guide throughout. Iceland is a beautiful country, second largest island in Europe, in the North Atlantic close to the Arctic Circle. The landscape is wild, rugged and colorful, with black lava, red sulphur, hot blue geysers, rivers, waterfalls and green valleys. Iceland is one of the most volcanically active countries in the world.

Iceland is sometimes called ‘land of fire and ice’ as one would find glassy glaciers, hot thermal springs, spectacular geysers, active volcanoes, lava fields, stunning waterfalls and snow-capped mountains.

When in Iceland you would find yourself engrossed in activities like whale-watching, chic fine dining, hiking the highlands, viewing Europe's largest glacier Vatnajokull, fishing the rivers, taming one of the great wild Icelandic horses, river-rafting, exploring on a snow-scooter, shopping for designer wear, souvenirs and gourmet foods, joining the descendants of the Vikings in the Summer Solstice Festival at Hafnarfjorour, visit the northerly island of Grimsey to cross the Arctic Circle; visiting the recreated medieval farm at Stong... The list can go on and on, with not even a single dull moment.

Iceland food is world famous for its delicacies in seafood and frozen food. The restaurants offer the best options in food. Iceland nightlife is world wide famous for its robustness and ongoing parties.

To enjoy all this and more, it’s all a click away. iceland travel guide at will make your trip a big success.

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