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Iceland Events

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Iceland current events are centered around the various festivals set in a very unique style. Throughout the year there’s something to catch every visitors fancy. You can catch the charming local customs, to regular cultural and leisure events, which will keep you occupied for your whole stay in Iceland. Some of the current events iceland are such as:

Cultural season - The cultural season starts from January to May. This period sees music, art, theatre events in full strength being held. These events are an interest to all age groups.

Winter Lights Festival in Reykjavík- From Feb 23- Feb 26 it’s a public festival celebrating both winter and the growing light after a period of darkness. Its theme is based on light and energy.

Beer day - March 1 is celebrated as Beer Day in a big way. Every year this day is celebrated as on this day beer was legalized in Iceland in 1989.

Reykjavík Arts Festival- Annual Reykjavík Arts Festival takes place during May 14- June 5. During this period a varied programs of cultural events takes place. Various Iceland artists and visiting artists participate in it.

Festival of the Sea – This festival is based on the Iceland tradition of Seamen’s day and it honors the people who make a living out of the sea. A lot of cultural activities, parades, arts and activities for kids, food fairs take place after modernization of the festival. The festival runs in the first weekend of June.

National Day- June 17 is celebrated as Independence Day since 1944 throughout the country. People come out on the streets where parades, street theatre, dancing, and colorful ceremonies take place in the midnight sun.  

Reykholt Music Festival – The music festival takes place from July 28-30.

Gay pride- On Aug 12 Gays and lesbians come out in full strength and style to parade and party in Reykjavík.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve- Iceland people celebrate Christmas and New year in a big way. The whole country is beautifully decorated with lights. New Year sees the biggest firework display, public bonfires and celebrations lasting right through the next year. Christmas is the season for delicious buffets and seasonal food.

Jazz Festival and Film Festival- Jazz festival and Film festival are both internationally renowned events. People get the privilege of seeing a lot of concerts, operas, ballet, drama, drama.

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