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Hungary is connected to all of its seven neighboring countries by road and rail. Volánbusz runs regular transport services to about 18 different European countries, while Magyar Államvasutak (MÁV) has express rail services that run as far as London, Stockholm, St Petersburg, Istanbul and Rome. Motorists can choose from 60 or so border crossings into the country, although 15 are restricted to citizens of Hungary and the neighboring countries. There are eight arterial roads in the country: all but the M8 start from central Budapest. Tolls are payable on some roads and all motorways. Season tickets can be purchased. From Budapest the two main highways are the M1 from Györ to Vienna and the M7 along Lake Balaton. The M3 connects Budapest with eastern Hungary. Generally the road system is good. Budapest is linked with major provincial towns. Tickets are available from Volán long-distance bus terminal, Budapest, and at Volán offices throughout the country. A bus season ticket is also available.

You can also walk or cycle across the border (many border guards frown on this, particularly in Romania, Serbia and Croatia) or take the hydrofoil that plies between Budapest and Vienna from April to early November.

Services are operated by MÁV. All main cities are linked by efficient services but facilities are often inadequate. Supplements are payable on IC and express trains. Reservations are compulsory for IC trains and recommended for express trains, particularly in summer. Tickets can be bought 60 days in advance on domestic railway lines, as can seat reservations. The most popular tourist rail routes are:Budapest–Kecskemet–Szeged– Budapest and Budapest–Siofok–Lake Balaton.

There are regular services on the Danube and Lake Balaton from spring to late autumn. MAHART and the Budapest Travel Company (BKV)) also operate ferries in the city centre, the Roman Embankment (Római Part) and at some crossing points. Due to the opening of the bridge between Esztergom and Párkány (Sturovo) in 2001, the former ferry service on the Danube is no longer available.

Air routes

The airport is located 10 miles (16km) south east of Budapest.
Time: GMT +1 (GMT +2 between the last Sunday in March and the Saturday before the last Sunday in October).
Transfer between terminals : The terminals are close enough together to be accessible by foot.
Transfer to the city: An airport bus leaves for the city centre every 30 minutes, and there is an airport minibus service that takes passengers to any destination in the city as soon as the bus is full. Tickets can be purchased in the Arrival Hall at the Airport Minibus counter.

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