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Unique Things in France

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France is a destination that offers you ample of activities to perform and rejoice. Amongst several interesting things to do in France are:

  • The long coastline of France offers splendid opportunities to play water sports. All sorts of thrilling waters sports are available. The warm climate of Mediterranean allows you to a swim practically throughout the year. Diving and snorkeling are popular in Porquerolles and Corsica. Sailing enthusiasts prefer the Older English Channel. And Biarritz serves as a splendid surfing destination.

  • One more activity that you would come across is canal cruising. Plenty of canals and rivers crisscross France. Rent a boat and embark on interesting cruise of canals. The itineraries will be as followed: Lorient–Redon route (along the former route of the Brittany invasions); Marne–Strasbourg (through the vineyards of Champagne to the Alsace-Lorraine canals); the Burgundy Canal and Bordeaux–Sète.

  • Fishing is another business that can give you wonderful memories to store. The best regions for fishing include Brittany (salmon and trout), Franche-Comté (which has many lakes), Languedoc-Roussillon (mountain fishing), and Midi-Pyrénées (famous for the fario trout). Cayfish, lobster, scallops and crabs are some of the products of your efforts in deep and sallow fishing.

  • Skiing has been ever-favorite activity amongst the tourists in France. This country offers you splendid environment and facilities for skiing. With 300 miles of ski pistes and over 150 ski lifts, France is a great destination for such a purpose. You can come here between early December and April for enjoying the peak season for skiing activity.

  • Thousands miles of trails in France give a good opportunity to hike. Sentiers de Grande Randonnée is the name by which these trails are famous. Cycling is another common activity in France. 28,000km of marked cycling paths throughout the country render you fabulous avenues to fulfill you desire of extensive cycling. You will find an extensive network of cycling paths along the Atlantic coast. Horse riding is also a very popular activity in the whole country. Camargue is the most favorite destination in France for horse riding.

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