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About Estonia


Estonia is mainly a plain country that is bordered by the Latvia, Baltic Sea and Russia. It has many lakes and jungles and many rivers, most flowing eastward into Lake Peipus its largest lake and northward into the Gulf of Finland. Estonia, the most northerly of the Baltic states, regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. It is a mainly flat country on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, with many lakes and islands. Much of the land is farmed or forested.

The Estonian language is narrowly related to Finnish, but bears no resemblance to the languages of the other Baltic republics, Latvia and Lithuania, or to Russian. About one district of the population is of Russian-speaking origin.

Seasons of Estonia
If you are interested in skating, skiing and ice fishing winter is a great time to visit Estonia. Besides these sports the snow clogged streets, ice glazed footpaths and roofs laced with killer icicles, the main attraction in visiting Estonia is the lovely game of ice and snow that one can witness.
The panorama or the picturesque view of Estonian winters is not enough then the country is best in the late spring (April and May) the country experience dampness of its autumns, summer is witnessed during the month of June and early September. July and August are the high seasons with the warmest, busiest and often the wettest months with daily temperature high reaching 30°C (86°F) and many Europeans take holidays in European style and zing in Estonia during this time.

Throughout history the culture and traditions of Estonia are well influenced by the countries who ruled the region such as – Danes, Germans, Swedes, Poles and Russians. Not only the art and culture the delicious Estonian are also been influence from these countries. The famous Baltic writers and poets such as Jaan Kross whose work has been translated into 20 languages, the author of the national epic Kalevipoeg) Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, and the writer, film-maker, diplomat and politician Lennart Meri are all the sons of this great nation.

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