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Czech Republic events are truly a fantastic medium to explore the true picture of Czech Republic. It is the country of rich culture and history, marvels of art and architecture, scenic beauty and mouth watering cuisine. QuickBooker is providing you some informations about the events including Prague Czech Republic upcoming events which will be definitely helpful to make your trip memorable.

Events Place Date
Days of European Film Prague 25th january to 4th February 2008
Witches Night (Paleni cardojenic) Prague 30-Apr
Book World Prague May-08
Prague Marathon Prague May-08
Khamoro- world Roma Festival Prague May-08
VE Day Prague May-08
International film festival for children & youth Zlín May- june 2008
Anniversary of Kafka's Death Prague Jun-08
Zahrada Nám?š? na Hané Jul-08
The Folk Rose Jind?ich?v Hradec Jul-08
Ceský Krumlov Piano Festival Ceský Krumlov Jul-08
Janácek Festival Luhacevice Luhacevice Jul-08
Czech Moto GP Brno Aug-08
Pardubice St Leger & Velké Pardubické Pardubice Oct-08
FIS Women's Alpine Skiing World Cup: Spindleruv Mlyn Spindleruv Mlyn Jan-09
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