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Bolivia food

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Bolivia Food mainly consists of "meat and potatoes". You will find many different kinds of restaurants that offer food ranging from traditional dishes to intercontinental food.
The most common meat consumed in Bolivia is beef, though chicken and llama are also easily found. Pork is pretty rare. Deep frying is an ordinary method of cooking all kinds of meat, and fried chicken is a very popular dish in Bolivia. In many rural areas, Guinea pigs and rabbits are also eaten which can also be found in many posh restaurants.

Some of the famous food in Bolivia has been mentioned below for your convenience.

  • Charque kan – is a dish made of llama meat.
  • Silpancho – is minced beef made into a patty and served with rice, potatoes and a fried egg on top.
  • Pique a lo macho – are grilled pieces of meat served with tomatoes and onion.


Snacks and junk food in Bolivia are as follows:

  • Salchipapa – is sliced sausage fried with potatoes.
  • Anticucho – is made of Beef heart grilled on a skewer and served with potatoes and spicy corn sauce.
  • Choripan - Chorizo (a peppery sausage) sandwich, served with grilled onions and sauce


Breakfast in Bolivia consists of meat stuffed buns

  • Salteña – is a baked bun filled with meat and potatoes in a sweet/spicy sauce.
  • Empanada – is very much similar to a saltena, and is filled with cheese and meat
  • Cuñape – is small roll filled with cheese, alike Brazilian pão de queijo.
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